It’s official!

Feels like a good time for some good news!

I am absolutely thrilled to report that the Ucluelet First Nation has voted in favour of a formal land use agreement! Recognizing the need for consent to ride and improve the existing trail system on First Nation land was a founding principal of the society and as such this represents a huge landmark for UMBA. We are looking forward to future collaboration and would like to give a huge shout out to Carey Cunneyworth whose work inside UFN has been instrumental in pulling this together.

Our work on establishing inclusive machine built trails within the adjacent Barkley Community Forest is ongoing and we could really use your help! We have a goal of applying for grants by this fall in partnership with the municipality however we are still in the lengthy process of finalizing our BCF land use agreement. Any support that you are able to show right now will make a huge difference in the speed of our work.

Please pick up a membership if you don’t already have one and take the time to advocate to our municipal council.

Markus Rannala

President, UMBA

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